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​The MTA Believes

The key to building a strong middle class in Michigan is developing, attracting, and retaining talent. This will require long-term investment in our educational system and in the metropolitan areas that act as magnets for increasingly mobile talent. We can't cut our way to prosperity. We also can't neglect or alienate any allies in the global war for talent. This means we must create an environment that is welcoming to all.


  • Investments in early childhood education provide significant financial returns and are essential to a long-term talent creation, attraction, and retention strategy.

  • Strong K-12 education is the cornerstone of a strong middle class. We must increase funding and accountability for our public schools and school districts.

  • We have cut funding for our colleges and universities by 40% in the last decade. If we want to compete in the global war for talent, we must reinvest.


  • Talent is attracted to high-quality metropolitan areas with strong urban cores.

  • People want their cities to be safe and walkable with multiple transit options, diverse housing stock, and plentiful cultural amenities.

  • We have cut local revenue sharing by 40% over the past decade. This disinvestment must be reversed.

  • We must support policies that promote density, reduce sprawl, and encourage regional cooperation and the sharing of services where appropriate.


  • We must create communities that are welcoming to people regardless of their nation of origin, age, gender, race, or sexual identity.

  • Even policy proposals that are not passed are reported in the national media and contribute to a negative perception of Michigan.

  • We must return to what made Michigan the economic powerhouse of the 20th century -- a culture that nurtures and celebrates entrepreurship and entrepreneurs.


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